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Digital Graffiti Wall

Graffiti wall technology is a unique and exciting product that allows the creation of digital and virtual graffiti on a designated wall.Easy to deploy and out of the ordinary attraction is sure to become a major hit at every party or celebration, attracting the attention of everybody present. An amazing party favor, Graffiti wall is the best and the most popular product of its kind. Our technology-packed graffiti cans allow you to paint directly onto the digital graffiti wall, creating your very own works of art, whatever your skill level. You can use one of our fantastic custom stencils to make your mark. Special effects give your work the look and feel of real graffiti and each design can be saved from the digital graffiti wall, uploaded to social media, emailed, or used to create mementos such as T-shirts, mugs or stickers. So let loose your inner Banks and get creating!.

Our digital graffiti wall that uses state-of-the-art digital technology to recreate an authentic graffiti experience on a big screen. A modified spray paint can ‘sprays’ infrared light which is tracked by a computer vision system, with the digital ‘paint’ appearing wherever the can is sprayed.


Be Experiential

Make your event a true experience with a digital graffiti wall. Create your masterpiece with a digital spray can that looks, feels and shakes like the real thing, while drip effect ‘paint’ mimics the look of real graffiti.

Full customization

We can customize the entire digital graffiti wall interface graphics and background to match your specific event. Examples might be adding a name or logo, specific colors to the paint palette or a wall or fence background for that authentic graffiti feel. .