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Baatak Pro wall is an equipment specifically developed to improve reaction, hand eye co-ordination and stamina by enabling sportsmen and women to get trained under simulated 'sports like' conditions, which can also be an element of fun and competition for the users at the same time.There are twelve visually bright LED cluster targets which are numbered and arranged in a 'maximum stretch' type configuration and put together under the control of a dedicated micro PC. The targets may be lit up in either randomly or in repetitive ways.
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Unique Features

Hits and misses are timed and scored on a central LCD screen and verbal instructions are given to the participating Player during the play activity as appropriate..(e.g. "Get Ready"..."Go"..."Level one"..."Time Out"...etc.) An invisible Infra-Red 'Strike Back Beam' is located at midriff level and is used to make a 'strike' at a Player during the Workout routine...(i.e. the player may be given one second to avoid the beam or 5 points will be deducted etc.)
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Various Sizes and Dimensions

Customizable with different designs and features ranging from 6 to 12 touch points.
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Reliable Hardware

All hardware are rugged and are made of superior quality that works for years.
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Custom Design Content

We can customize your concept with Amazing Flexibility and branding Visuals.
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Highly Reliable Product

Accurate touch functions, no ghost point. Robust software integrated in all the systems.
Baatak Pro wall can also be used with two optional 'sprint mats'...Black and the Trainer can set up player movement in the third dimension. Generally, these are Ideal for 'shuttle runs' under controlled conditions.These two sprint mats may be positioned anywhere within, for example, a 10-meter radius of Pro Reaction wall for use in a large Gymnasium complex or Training Hall. Pro Reaction wall programs can cater for all individuals with any skill level and are suitable for people of all ages, providing each user with their own 'personal best'. Achievable goals can be set in Club type situations and the possibilities are just endless!
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Baatak pro
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