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With the unique combination of audio visual technology the evolution of Virtual Mannequins have created state of the art experience at various destinations; by active graphics and projection imaging technology, one create illusion of a real person which can deliver customized messages, greetings, which could be at retail stores, as spokes person at tradeshows and exhibitions or anywhere you want to interact with your customers and communicate your brand messages..
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Virtual Mannquin
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Unique Features

By integrations of remote media management, virtual mannequins can be remotely managed using wireless internet, it can also be scheduled and programmed to play at various locations at any particular time zones, and thus it’s very easier to change your message anytime conveniently.Our Virtual Mannequin is an innovative display that synchronizes all the benefits of projector and the Presenter. It is a customized shape acrylic that interprets to wow customers with pre recorded videos. this solution is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand in shopping malls, exhibitions, and virtually any other place where you want to draw and attract customers.
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Various Possibilities

Integrate desired information into amazing entertainment. Makes your displays look realistic and come alive.
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Reliable Hardware

All hardware are rugged and are made of superior quality that works for years.
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Custom Design Content

We can customize your concept with Amazing Flexibility and high tech 3D Visuals.
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Highly Reliable Product

Any size can be customized, high contrast gradient Easy installation Waterproof and durable.
There are various benefits available to users of this new technology, and just a few of them are detailed for your convenience.Any shape can be easily customized according the needs and requirement. Our Virtual Mannequins can introduce your products with high passion and energy all the day and never feel tired. The beautiful appearance and presenting it creatively way will attract thousands of customers.
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About Our Company

We are an innovative experiential Technology Company with various services for events, conferences, exhibitions for corporates Pan India, you can download our event deck here.
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  • Premium Quality
  • Budget Friendly
  • Flexible Setup

We source and work with some of the worlds best developers, engineers and designers and all our equipment's either software or hardware are rigorously tested in different environment conditions which are capable to deliver the desired results in multidimensional  events  .Our systems are very flexible and can be used in various shapes, sizes  with landscape or portrait orientation, which can also can be customized  further suitable for all type of diverse events starting from a small promotional activity, advertising campaign, conference to large sports event or even a private wedding or parties.

Not only you receive world class products and services but will also gain a partner who will do everything to ensure your requirements are met, we are a no-nonsense team and will always respond promptly when you need us.

We understand that budget is often a very important factor when considering new innovations for any kind of events either corporate or at a private event. Using traditional decor and cutouts  and static displays  are gone for the past and will most likely become to loose effectiveness to deliver the expected results, though wasting more money, time, and energy often settling only for the ordinary. 

Time has changed as generally expected on emerging technologies, the initial cost of interactive displays was initially quite high. Since then, but now, the cost has dropped significantly. You can now find a very good quality and very bright life size projections at  a nominal cost without making a hole in the pockets. 

We can also have our engineers connect and mount the entire equipment on site. Our experts will be providing a quick hands-on experience. We also provide special support for integrating the projection systems with flexible mounts as per your venue decor or the setup design. Please contact our sales team for more information.


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