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Interactive Multi-Touch System

Multi touch system is a unique trend setting solution as normally computers have one mouse and it cannot be used by two or more users at the same time. Multi-touch System can help you out in this situation. Our Multi-touch System can transform any ordinary table or a counter into an interactive multi-touch computing surface with the help of Multi -touch technology. Multi-touch System allows people to use hand and finger gestures to interact with multi-media contents, access corporate information, play games, create special effects, art and photographs, even view advertising, in a truly unique and compelling way.

Are you looking for something really unique and interesting to attract customers? Our latest Multi touch design can do that! Our rotatable Multi-touch Table will give you and your customers an exclusive and stunning user experience. It is a state of the art multi touch table with a fantastic design, crafted for public spaces and various other utilities. We have customized size of display can let many people interact and share contents at the same time. The Rotatable Multi-touch Table is not only easy to install, but also easy to use for customers. To make use of the technology the users can touch any part of the screen because there is no mouse required. Once the table gets started up, there are number of different functions which are virtually limitless.

Customers can use their fingers to view images, draw pictures, tap icons, or write notes on the display. They can also play games, and even browse the web if the environment is equipped with WiFi. The rich features also include the option to play music or videos loaded, be they for simple entertainment or for promotional purposes. Last but not the least, if you wish you can add your own special features to the table, creating a truly customized interactive table that is unlike any other out there. The sheer number of possibilities offered by the table is just stunning, allows easy customization that can fit any business. We are always interested in introducing more versions of the multi touch table to fit unique customers’ requirements. If you have a unique challenge that might be able to be met with a customized multi touch table, reach out and let your need be known. The results may surely surprise you.

  • Unique with attractive appearance and Rotatable Bracket ultra-thin table.
  • Accurate touch functions, no ghost point.
  • We could offer you some software integrated in the multi-touch screen or multi-touch table..
  • Highly customizable with dual touch to 32 touch with various sizes..
  • User friendly, easy to setup and easy to use.
Ideal Platforms:                                                                                   
  • Events and exhibitions.
  • Entertainment Parks.
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools and experience zones.
  • Museums.

Multi touch table

If you are looking for a way to incorporate your multimedia creations into your workspace or display at an exhibition, a multi-touch table is the right option. This unique table is a multimedia solution that combines hardware and software together, which allows users to learn about a product, company or event more interactively. Interestingly, this product works integrating technology, education, and advertising, serving as a one-stop solution. With this in mind, multi-touch table can be a great multimedia option for museums, malls, hotels, schools, and special events alike since they attract people of all ages and backgrounds.

Multi touch Frame

Our multi-touch frame can be used on any monitor. Whether it is a computer monitor, LCD panel or LED display panels, our multi-touch frame allows you to convert any display monitor to a touch screen device, instead of using a keyboard mouse, People can now use their fingertips to browse pictures, play games, play movies, and more once the frame is installed. There are two kinds of frames available with us, the multi-touch frame with toughened glass and one without toughened glass. This allows end users to customize the solution of what type of frame they require and also on how they want it to be used.