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Virtual Mannequins

With the unique combination of audio visual technology the evolution of Virtual Mannequins have created state of the art experience at various destinations; by active graphics and projection imaging technology, one create illusion of a real person which can deliver customized messages, greetings, which could be at retail stores, as spokes person at tradeshows and exhibitions or anywhere you want to interact with your customers and communicate your brand messages..


By integrations of remote media management, virtual mannequins can be remotely managed using wireless internet, it can also be scheduled and programmed to play at various locations at any particular time zones, and thus it’s very easier to change your message anytime conveniently.

Our Virtual Mannequin is an innovative display that synchronizes all the benefits of projector and the Presenter. It is a customized shape acrylic that interprets to wow customers with pre recorded videos. this solution is an excellent way to draw attention to your brand in shopping malls, exhibitions, and virtually any other place where you want to draw and attract customers. There are various benefits available to users of this new technology, and just a few of them are detailed below for your convenience.

Our Virtual Presenter has two different versions, Virtual Mannequin and Mini Virtual Presenter.

The first version uses projection and printing, the upper body is made by the use of a rear projection film the printed material is used to the lower body. This gives the presenter a very realistic appearance and a lot of flexibility in many different situations. Mini Virtual Presenter uses projection and mini acrylic shaped material which can be customized in different forms according to your needs and requirement, such as Coke bottle or any mini characters. This unique design will definitely attract customers' attention and increase their eager to make a buying. Our virtual presenter can be used to describe various features or advantages of your products or company to showcase a high-tech representations.


  • Any shape can be easily customized according the needs and requirement.
  • Our Virtual Mannequins can introduce your products with high passion and energy all the day and never feel tired.
  • The beautiful appearance and presenting it creatively way will attract thousands of customers.
  • This is just portable and easy to use.
  • Dynamically display products and enliven your events.