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Touchless Kinect

Kinect is a latest technology for motion sensing applications, this unique input device is equipped with depth sensing and captures video data in 3D format at any given ambience light.

Digital Graffiti

Graffiti wall technology is a unique and exciting product that allows the creation of digital and virtual graffiti on a designated wall.Easy to deploy and out of the ordinary attraction is sure to become a major hit.

Fog Screen

Fog Screen projection screen produces a thin curtain of “dry” fog that serves as a translucent projection screen, displaying images that literally float in the air. The result: stunning, attention-demanding displays.

LED Display

Light Emitting Diode which is commonly known as LED has emerged into a very powerful display medium changing the indoor and outdoor medium forever; an LED Screen consists of 3 main colors Red, Green & Blue diodes

Interactive Floor

Interactive Floor System is a hardware + software solution. It can possibly transform any normal floor into a dynamic and interactive display floor where you can customize any content you desire.

Video Wall

LCD Video Wall Matrix System is the unique inventory of the trend to experience large format display convenient to any location that can be integrated with minimal installation space.