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Interactive Floor Display

Interactive Floor System is a hardware + software solution. It can possibly transform any normal floor into a dynamic and interactive display floor where you can customize any content you desire. The amazing experience will attract thousands of audience and make them deeply impressed. It is flexible for using it in the shopping malls, museum, kids gaming, restaurant, airport, events etc. we supply three kinds of Interactive Floor System of standard version, double size version, and triple size version. With the integration of the edge blending system, one can customize the display size area of two or three projectors into one complete seamless projection image without any gaps. We can supply Interactive Floor System of the standard version, double size version, and triple size version.

Various features of our Software can make any advertising into and amazing entertainment experience, one can also make the display come alive using a few of our 3d based effects, with flexible image sizing options through the projector the installations can be made for different image sizes, excellent visibility and sensitivity of the sensors are the core strengths of our products.