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LED Display Screen

Light Emitting Diode which is commonly known as LED has emerged into a very powerful display medium changing the indoor and outdoor medium forever; an LED Screen consists of 3 main colors Red, Green & Blue diodes, from a basic LED Displays ranges from a single dual and tricolor to a 16 - 64 million colors. LED displays have become a standard for indoor & outdoor media.
Benefits of using LED displays indoor & outdoor for the environment.

  1. Moving pictures attract more attention
  2. Cost effective when compared to traditional media
  3. No printing costs or expensive maintenance
  4. Display the content at a specific time of your choice
  5. Picturing picture technology and video streaming
  6. Effective Brand Building Investment
  7. Effective news coverage medium and other updates
  8. Centralized content management for hundred screens.  

LED Displays can be used for :

  • Passenger information systems
  • Outdoor or indoor digital signages
  • Events and exhibitions
  • Malls & Shopping centres
  • Entertainment industry
  • Advertising medium and etc.

Specifications on the Rental Screens:

  • 8 feet x 6feet
  • 9feet x 7feet
  • 10feet x8 feet
  • 12 feet x 9 feet
  • 16feet x 9 feet  and upto 100ft x 32 ft