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Matrix Video Wall

LCD Video Wall Matrix System is the unique inventory of the trend to experience large format display convenient to any location that can be integrated with minimal installation space, its an ideal solution that can be used in various venues either in a control room, public information or used just as a large display screen. Combination of different LCD panels, with a narrow-bezels, and customized mounting system is always flexible to used at anyplace.


This Unique Matrix system is designed to deliver the most out of LCD technology in today’s trend by simplifying outboard electronics and configuration software making it to look simple adding value to performance in terms of visual clarity and hardware durability.

Dimension of the Screen for Rentals. 


    • Screen can be scaled whole as a single screen or individually
    • Height of the Screen : 5.3 -5.8 fts
    • Width of the Screen : 9 - 10 ft
    • Environment should be indoor with no direct sunlight
    • Unit dimensions: 2 - 9 lcd panels
    • Weight: Approximately: 280 kgs approx
    • Power requirements: Operating voltage is 180-250 V, max 16 A
    • Power consumption: 3 kW
    • Behind Screen distance required: 3 feet with ample ventilation