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Laser Technology

Laser technology use light to store, move, or print images and text; they are often used in a wide range of other applications including surgery and weapons. The laser's coherent radiation gives it unique energy. The laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Radiation Emission) started life as an extension of the maser, or "Microwave Amplification through Stimulated Radiation Emission which was initially used to amplify weak radio signals from space, as its name suggests. Light waves mimic radio waves which have a much shorter range.

The laser produces energy from light by transforming a material's energy state. A atom's energy level is a function of its temperature. Its lowest energy level is called its "Ground state." It may increase its energy level by adding additional heat, light or electric fields.

Laser Shows

Laser show is a term used to describe how laser light is applied to entertainment. Show laser display systems are perfect for large displays and events because over a long distance they generate and project cantered laser beams and effects like animated images and patterns on walls, ceilings or other surfaces. The integration of laser light systems with music emotionalizes people through a multitude of audio-visual impacts, where rhythmic beats are followed by different lighting effects that harmonize with the music and reinforce the music's mood. Big and impressive multimedia laser shows can be produced by additionally using smoke, fog, video projections, and large water screens..

Laser Grid

Our Latest Laser grid consists of a range of single laser units with one single laser source with one or more power supply units and accessories. Our laser units are Flexibly available wherein they can be mounted on the roof, wall or truss, and linked in a horizontal and/or vertical line by daisy chain.

Each laser module produces a linear beam, and all modules with their parallel laser beams together form an impressive laser grid. DMX (dimming) can be operated individually on each laser unit. The number and configuration of the individual components can be customized individually to create a unique ambience. 

Laser Maze

The challenges at this unique laser maze are exactly like the mission impossible. With this unique setup, this attraction will be a favorite for everyone.

There are two components of the device One is a transmitter and the other is a receiver the transmitter part is equipped with a LASER capacitor, a pair of power circuits on a switch and a stand for holding it. The receiver side has, a focusing LDR (Light depending on the resistor) sensor for continuous sensing of the LASER If someone crosses the invisible beam, the main circuit detects discontinuity by the sensor and the main circuit turns on the alarm.

It makes the player enter the maze-like a Ninja with cat-like moves to avoid the vast array of laser beams to get to the other end of the room as quickly as possible.

Laser man show

This laser unit can be used for laser show animation and performing a variety of people, allowing you to use more than one computer. It Uses a control system with the best qualified laser control software, and a few set of of music-containing full supporting program. The whole programming can be for a full Presentation with Lights, Lasers & magical Special Effects Presenting client's brand, logo, product(s) and/or messages in animation.

Laser Music

A Laser Music System was developed to combines a laser and light sensor system with an infrared distance sensing system that senses a user's hand location as it intersects one or more laser beams. The laser beams, which are visible in a dark room through a small amount of smoke, offer visual guidance to the user in order to minimize the difficulty of using a non-contact and as well as enhancing the novel optical effect for the user. The device uses a variety of Sharp distance sensors to map the user's hand location to such a variable as pitch. To reach a desired pitch the user will shift his hand to various heights to by breaking the laser beams to achieve the desired musical notes.