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Mindwave Technology

Neuroscience meets technology, MindWave is actually a brain-sensing program using an EEG headsets which is the invention from the decades of EEG biosensor technology research and its basically an all in one easy-to-control, wearable device and the most affordable brainwave-reading EEG based event technology available in the market, the MindWave sensors can transform science fiction into reality in many forms and dimensions for an event or for an experience center.

This EEG device for Android and iOS platforms can reads the user’s brainwaves in order to interact with a number of mobile applications and can also be programmed for various application in real world This headset is a standard EEG, but uses BCI to communicate with a computer or mobile phone.

What Exactly is the MindWave?

The MindWave is a device that utilizes a BCI (Brain-Computer Interface), which translates electrophysiological activity (brain waves like, alpha, gamma, beta, theta) in signals that can be used by mechanical devices. While the technology itself is fairly new, humans have dreams of the possibility for decades.


Basically, the MindWave allows the wearer to interact with a simulated environment by using nothing more than their thoughts and concentration. Though, the device does not actually read the thoughts, but rather the electrical impulses being produced by the brain, usually catching them as they run along the scalp. Think of it as a new type of game controller that interprets brainwave patterns to control a game or application rather than requiring the user to press buttons on a hand-held controller. Regular use of the MindWave device may, according to the manufacturer, allow the wearer to reach higher mental states, much the same way that those who frequently read books get better at reading.

NeuroSky, the company that manufactures the MindWave devices, is quick to point out that the device does not control the thoughts of the wearer. The device is unidirectional, which means that the information only flows from the brain to the device, not the other way around.